RPEA - Fighting for Your Future RPEA - Fighting for Your Future RPEA - Fighting for Your Future RPEA - Fighting for Your Future RPEA - Fighting for Your Future RPEA - Fighting for Your Future

What is RPEA?

The Retired Public Employees Association, RPEA, is a powerful advocate for current and future public service retirees. Founded in 1969, RPEA today has approximately 40,000 members living in all 50 states and seven foreign countries.

Our membership includes retirees (and pre-retirees) from New York State and local governments, school districts, public authorities in New York State, and state employees in the New York State Militia, including their spouses .

A Board of Directors, a President and other officers, (all are volunteers and are elected from the membership), govern RPEA. Our major areas of activities and operations are coordinated and led by an Executive Director and a dedicated and accommodating staff

Why do Retirees need RPEA?

 Many of us who retire from government move on to other jobs, start new careers, relocate, or are able to pursue their hobbies or other interests.  Whatever your situation, the retirement income and benefits you earned are absolutely essential to your economic security.  You can’t afford to take them for granted!

Make no mistake about it. Retiree benefits are under attack. We’ve all heard the story and seen the headlines –

“Budget in Crisis”
“Pension Costs Skyrocket”
“Retiree Health Insurance Plans Too Expensive”

We have earned our retirement benefits and we cannot allow a negative political climate, either on the State or local level, to reduce or destroy them.

RPEA is a not for profit representing the interests of 40,000 retirees mostly from New York State and local governments. RPEA is the only organization we know of that exists solely to protect, promote and advance the interests of all public service retirees.

We are not an employee organization bargaining on behalf of active employees. Neither do we have affiliations with political parties. In fact, we do not endorse or support any political candidates or political parties financially or otherwise. We deal strictly with issues that enhance the lives, security, and protection of our retirement benefits.

We are all about retiree issues and only retiree issues. We have been doing this for over 40 years and we are good at it!

RPEA Retired Public Employees Association, 435 New Karner Road, Albany, NY 12205, (518) 869-2542 or toll-free (800) 726-7732